Salut! Hola! Guten Tag! Konnichiwa! Ni hao!

So, I assume this is where I am supposed to write some fascinating things about myself which will inspire you to stalk my blog forevermore. Actually, I hope that you don’t stalk my blog forevermore because that would be more than slightly creepy, but I do hope that you enjoy my random posts about books, music, things which inspire, confuse, and amuse me, and all that other wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

Enough of that, my name is Anna and I’m fifteen years old. Actually, that’s my middle name, but I’d prefer not to disclose personal information over the internet, even if it is just my first name. Yes, I’ve watched Fatal Attraction far too many times. Besides, I kind of like the idea of having a cyberspacian (new word, ha!) alter-ego.

To sum up, I’m a little girl with big dreams in a small town in a big world. I think and think and think about everything there is to think about and my brain never shuts up. Ever. I love a lot of things, I want to do a lot of things, I want to be a lot of things, but in the end, I’m just me.

30 thoughts on “About

      • Thank you! I need to get my act together, and be more consistent about posting. I really just started on social media this year, so I’m still learning. I had a Facebook I never checked, a Twitter acct I never tweeted on, and then someone said, “You need a blog!” Talk about mental overload! LOL

        Anyway, it’s all coming around, and I’m figuring out that I can meet a lot of great people. I think, once I start to relax a bit, all this stuff might even be fun! :)

        Good luck with your blog too! It’s off to a good start!

  1. Thanks for following my blog, Anna. Unfortunately, that one’s been defunct for a while. Want to visit the place I’m posting these days? It’s strangefigures.wordpress.com

    I like your blog, and agree with others that the final paragraph of your about page is great. I’ll only add that I’m middle aged and I STILL feel that way. :)

  2. Anna, I have tagged you for some questions. The rule is that the person tagged answers the questions (or doesn’t as the case me be) by using only one word per question! Then, they tag three people of their choosing to answer the questions! The questions can be found at the following link: http://wp.me/p2tQ7q-3P
    Have a great day! Cheers!

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