I am a terrible, terrible person…

I am a terrible person…

I am a terrible person…

I am a terrible person…

I am a terrible person…

For almost the entire duration of my two-month long trip to Europe, this was the thought running through my head every time I even thought about my blog. I know I said that I would keep you updated on my adventures, but that turned out to be a BIG lie. In fact, I failed to provide even a single update for two months. TWO MONTHS. Not even one measly comment.

The funny thing is, I don’t know why I resisted writing for so long. Maybe it was because I wanted to get away from everything. I suppose for two months, I didn’t want to care what people thought of me. And even worse, I didn’t want to write. Not once did I feel the desire to write anything. No blog posts, journal entries, stories, poems, song lyrics… Nothing. Also, I didn’t speak a word of English for the entire trip which made it somewhat difficult to think in English, let alone write in it.

It is only now that I am back at home in Australia that I have come to realise how much I miss writing. So, to anybody reading this post, I’m really truly sorry for having disappointed you and this year, I want to make every effort to post regularly. Last year was very hectic and I fear that this year won’t be much better with regards to my school-workload; however, I have come to the conclusion that writing is something that one should always make time for. And that, my friends, is my New Years resolution. To write more. 

Once again, I apologise profusely for having failed to keep my promise and it won’t happen again! Now, on the brighter side, I had the most incredible trip of my life. Over the course of two months, I flew around the world and back again. I learnt how to say more than “je ne comprends pas, je suis anglais, YA HEY!’ in French, which I am ecstatic about. I ate fresh croissants in Montmartre and watched the sun rise over Paris. I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower for the first time in my life. Well, I didn’t really climb it – I took the elevator. Shhh! I sang at the top of my lungs in a church in Nuremberg, which I have wanted to do since I was five. I went sledding, made the world’s most hideous snowman and had the world’s greatest snowball fight all in one day. I went ice skating on a frozen lake. I experienced Berlin over New Years at the Brandenburg Gate with over a million people from all over the world. I saw the Cologne Chamber Orchestra play Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor in Muenster. I went on a bike ride in the Black Forest. I flew all the way from Australia to Germany alone (my very first international trip on my own!). I listened to the entire Harry Potter soundtrack from the first three movies on the train to Paris because I felt like I was going to Hogwarts. I ate the spiciest food of my life in Bangkok. I went kayaking in Ko Chang – a very beautiful, remote island in Thailand. Oh, and I almost conquered my enormous to-read list. So… yeah. That is a very brief summary of my trip. Doesn’t make up for my big, fat failed promise, but at least you know what I have been up to. Not that you really care.


4 thoughts on “I am a terrible, terrible person…

  1. Really impressive – sounds like you had a lot of fun. Just an idea of mine – shouldn’t a person be able to take some alone time and relax and enjoy the tranquility of their surroundings without having any obliged goals hanging over their head? Apologising for having the time of your life is never something that one should feel compelled to do. Relish in your enjoyment rather than compromising the memory with the anxiety of wondering how others might view a temporary hiatus from your blog. Of course, if there are people outside your window with torches and pitchforks demanding vengeance – then by all means, worry away! Cheers!

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Yes, I did have a lot of fun. I wasn’t really worried about the torches and pitchforks, but rather annoyed for having made a promise and failing to uphold it. Cheers and happy (belated) new year! :)

  3. It sounds like you had such an awesome experience! I agree with totalovrdose; there’s nothing wrong with taking time to relax and do other things. Definitely don’t worry about not posting. I think when you’re traveling you should definitely be in the moment and experience what the location has to offer. I think your readers will understand that you’re traveling around the world, taking a break and enjoying life and no one can argue that we all need it from time to time. Also sometimes you do need that break from writing because you don’t want it to be a chore or something you do for the sake of doing;not because you enjoy it. So don’t worry about letting people down or making them upset, it’s your blog and you’re allowed to take a vacation!

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